Saturday, October 3, 2015

It Is Ours, All Ours and We Have the Keys to Prove It! (A New House Update)

Besides the birth of my children and of course my wedding day, Thursday, was the best day EVER!

Our Keys!
Our closing was EASY and WONDERFUL! Many people stopped by the closing table to meet us and to say "Hi". It was such a wonderful day! I cried many tears (of course they were tears of joy and relief) and I was thankful that I remembered to bring my handkerchief. 

I am forever grateful to every person at Ryan Homes and NVR who stepped in and helped us make this dream a reality!

My pantry with the light on!
 Look at my beautiful pantry (it really is mine now) with my light! I love my pantry and I love my pantry light!

Office French doors
 Those are my French doors that lead into my office! I'm never going to get tired of saying "MY"!

Front door and tray ceiling
 Our front door and our tray ceiling! See sometimes I remember that my husband is going to live here too (but it's still my kitchen and my office)! Just kidding honey!

Night time view
 Yes, it was after dark before we made it over to the house to take pictures (we had been there right after closing but I was too busy getting my praise on to take pictures)!

See the street light outside the window (I'm going to call it MY street light)!

MY kitchen

OH MY GOODNESS! This kitchen is MINE! I cannot believe it!

Thank you Jesus!

Now to get the other house packed up and ready for moving. The goal is to move on Monday (and have Monday be our first night in the new house). I have a lot of work ahead of me to make this a reality.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10 hours, 7 minutes, and 15 seconds. But Whose Counting! (A New House Update)

Today is the day!

I am so excited!

In some ways it seems like we have been waiting forever for today. And there have been many days when I didn't think today was going to happen at all.

But in some ways it seems like it was just yesterday that we started this whole process.

June 30
WOW we have come along way in just a few short months!

July 8
We celebrated our wedding anniversary with pipes and dirt!

July 13
Foundation being poured!

July 15
We have walls!
July 21
Framing! We have walls inside our walls! Well, kind of!

July 22
A roof!

July 31
One month into the build process! Windows and doors and roofs and walls!

August 3
Adding scripture to our door frames was one of the highlights of building our own home! This is by far one of the best days in our build process!

August 7
The beginnings of my favorite room!

August 16
Outside painted!

August 20
Tile laid!

August 21

My dream kitchen starting to take shape!

August 22
We have a driveway and a sidewalk!

August 25
 Counter tops installed.

August 28
Sinks, and showers, and decorative tile, and mirrors, and cabinets, and lights, and faucets!

September 1
Columns and electricity!

September 2
APPLIANCES! One of the best days EVER!

September 4
Our Blue Door!

September 10

September 11
The outside is finished!

September 30
Ready for us to call it "HOME"

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. I am sure it will not be our last trip!

The countdowns are over and all that is left is the signing.