Friday, February 12, 2016

31 Days to Clean - Day 1

Our front door

On Day 1 of 31 Days to Clean Sarah Mae asks 

"Why do you want a clean home?"

And all kinds of reasons came to my mind, 

so that others don't judge me 
so that I can open up my home to family and friends and not be embarrassed 
so that the voices in my head that tell me I'm not enough will be quiet 
so that I am not ashamed when people stop by unannounced 

And as I ran through this list I realized something...

these reasons have always been my reasons and obviously they are not enough because hear I sit in a house that is far from clean! And I had an epiphany, fear and embarrassment DO NOT motivate me. They actually make me less motivated in the fact that they remind me that I will NEVER be able to do it all. 

So I realized I needed to come up with much better reasons to keep my home clean. And I realized that while fear and embarrassment do not motivate me, LOVE for my children and my husband DOES! And when I looked at keeping my home clean through the eyes of a mother and wife here are the reasons I came up!

Why Do I want a clean home?

I want to create a place that Micah and the children want to be! I want our home to be a safe haven from the world outside our door. I want this home to be a place of comfort and calm for them. A beautiful place that makes them happy and lets them see God’s hand in their life. From the minute they walk in the door I want them to feel, know, and see the love that I have for them and breathe a sigh of relief in their soul that they are “HOME”! 

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