Friday, March 14, 2014

In Search of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie at Walt Disney World

As I have mentioned in the past we have Annual Passes to Walt Disney World and we go ALOT! Not as much as we would like (cause if you ask the kids and I, we would go EVERY SINGLE DAY) but we do go at least 2 times a month. And one of the many things that we LOVE about Disney is the FOOD!

Disney has some of the top chefs in the country working for them and has some of the best places to eat in Orlando! Of all the theme parks we have been to (Universal, Sea World, Cedar Point, and King's Island) we LOVE Disney food the best! Of course, they have your typical "park" meals like hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets (we even love those) but they also have ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and NY strip steaks.

I had played around with the idea of starting a Disney Blog but then I realized how silly that was since I already have a blog and I can post anything I want anyway (now I may change my mind later- cause I'm a girl and girls are allowed to change their minds) but for now I will simply add my Disney Posts here.

Joffrey's Coffee

We spent the day at Animal Kingdom and as we were leaving the park I spotted Joffrey's Coffee (it's outside the main gates right before you get to the line where they check your bags). It's just a little kiosk nothing fancy at all.

But they had something that caught my eye and made my taste buds start to dance! Now come on admit it, these cookies look REALLY GOOD!

Disney Chocolate Chip and M&M Cookies
And I REALLY REALLY wanted one (or two) and so for the sake of this blog I bought one of each. I know sometimes the sacrifices I have to make for you all is overwhelming but I will endure!

Tyler and the Cookie
And they are HUGE! Almost as big as your head! With Chocolate Chunks the size of your eye! Okay maybe not quite that big but still BIG!

So here is my HONEST review:

Delaney and the Cookies
Perfect cookie for a small child who has not developed their palate. Any child will be thrilled (just as mine were) with these giant cookies. Nothing says Disney and Vacation like a cookie as big as your head!

The Boys with the Cookies
BUT if you have bought this treat for someone who bakes or for someone who enjoys freshly baked, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies be prepared for disappointment.

While I did enjoy the "Chunks" of chocolate over plain old chocolate chips they were certainly stingy with the amount they used.

And while the cookie was LARGE the taste was NOT! If you happened to get a bite with no chocolate the cookie was plain and almost tasteless.

However, I would say that these cookies are sure to cause squeals of delight from any child in your traveling party and at $3.50 will be one of your cheaper treat options.

But save your money adults, I know the "WORLD" has better delicacies for you to try!

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