Thursday, April 2, 2015

Financial Goals for April and an Update on Our Financial Goals for March

We had some pretty BIG financial goals for March

  1. Pay all of our monthly bills 
  2. Pay our 500 dollar March payment to Ryan Homes 
  3. Save an additional 300 dollars toward our April payment to Ryan Homes 
Here is how we did

  1. Paid all of our March bills! 
  2. Paid 1000 dollars to Ryan Homes (that was our 500 dollar March payment and our 500 dollar April payment)! That brings out total money paid to 2000 dollars! Just 500 dollars more to go!
  3. Saved 341 dollars toward our 500 dollar May payment! 
 To say we are thrilled with our progress is an understatement! It has not been easy but we have managed fairly well. And the success has kept us motivated!

Our April Financial Goals

  1. Pay all of our April bills 
  2. Pay our last 500 dollar payment to Ryan Homes! (that will be all of our Good Faith Money paid in full a month early!) 
  3. Save another 500 dollars toward our closing costs (which we estimate to be around 1800 dollars)
This month will be a little bit harder due to Easter but we are committed to reaching our goals and hopefully going a little bit beyond! 

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