Thursday, April 30, 2015

Financial Goals for May and an Update on our April Goals

Our April Goals:
  1. Pay all of our April bills 
  2. Pay our last 500 dollar payment to Ryan Homes! (that will be all of our Good Faith Money paid in full a month early!) 
  3. Save another 500 dollars toward our closing costs (which we estimate to be around 1800 dollars)
How we did on our April Goals:

  1. We paid all of our April bills 
  2. We paid our last 500 dollar payment to Ryan Homes on April 10! More than a month before our scheduled payment date! We are so thankful that God has blessed Micah with a second job so that we can meet these goals and not just meet them but exceed them! #BlessedBeyondTheTelling
  3. We saved 1,423 dollars toward our estimated closing costs! Almost triple what we were hoping to save! 
 Our Goals for May:

  1. Pay all of our May bills
  2. Finish funding our closing cost account (we only need 377 dollars)!
  3. Start saving money for all the "EXTRA" things we are going to need when we move into the house (movers, truck, refrigerator, mini-blinds, ceiling fans, and Tyler new bedroom furniture, at the very least a new bed for him). We would like to have saved 1,000 dollar by the end of the month. I know this is a HUGE goal but I believe that we can do it! 

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