Saturday, May 2, 2015

We Finally Got Our Anwer (at least a verbal one)

Thanking Jesus for the Miracle!

The last 3 months have been grueling.
Some days I have been so worried and depressed that I had to force myself to get dressed and comb my hair.
There have been days when I have walked down to our "land" 3 and 4 and 5 times, just so I would not give up all hope and bury myself under the covers and refuse to speak or eat or shower.
Seriously, there have been some really hard days in the last few months.
And the reason for my anxiety, a home loan that seemed as if it was not going to happen!

We signed the contract on our house on February 15, 2015. We signed our mortgage application on February 23, 2015. And since then we have waited, and waited, and then we waited some more!

Now while we were waiting, ever so impatiently, I was faxing things over to the mortgage company, and praying, and writing letters of explanation, and praying, and e-mailing, and praying, and calling, and praying, and then praying some more!

Every day seemed longer than the last. And there were some false hope days (those were the worst), days when we thought we would have an answer by Friday and when Friday came, no answer!

There was one point where our loan was suspended, because they could not verify my husband's income and my heart almost broke in half!

Then there was the day that our loan was denied, yep, DENIED! And I was actually happy that day, because NO ONE and I mean NO ONE thought that the "first" lender would ever approve our mortgage but they were pretty confident that the "second" lender would. So when we got the denial, I was relieved in thinking that now the loan would be passed down the line and we would actually have a chance at being approved! Only our loan officer called us back that evening and said that her management team wanted to keep working on getting us approved through the "first" lender! ARE YOU KIDDING? Nope! Not kidding!

And so we went back to waiting! And Praying!

And then yesterday, it happened! We got the call we thought would never come, our loan has been approved by management and is being sent to the underwriters for written approval!

We are beyond excited! And so very thankful to God that he has answered our prayers in BIGGER ways than we ever dreamed. Because you know who approved us.... the "first" mortgage company, the one no one ever thought we could get approved through!

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