Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Written Approval (Thank the Lord)

Yesterday was a very good day! We received our written loan approval for the house!

It came with 2 pages of conditions! But the conditions all seem very doable! Lots of paperwork to file and lot of copies to make. We have to take a first-time home buyers course (on line) and print out a certificate of completion when we have finished it, that has to be in our file when we go to closing. They are asking that we pay off 4 things

IRS - back taxes that we have been making payments on since January
Department store credit card -used to buy Tyler a computer
Visa - got just so we could rebuild our credit
An old account that I managed to get taken off 2 of our credit reports but not the third so it must be paid off

All total it equals about 3,000 dollar and we have until the beginning of July to have it all paid off. So the money we were working on saving up for closing costs will have to go to paying off these debts and then we can start saving up for our closing costs again. And since we ended April with a little over $1,400 dollars in our house fund we are almost half-way to having the debt paid off! Thank you Jesus!

Now that we have a written approval we should start to see some progress down on the land! We are hoping to have our pre-construction meeting by the end of May so that they can begin working on the house in June! The BEGINNING OF JUNE! We hope! 

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