Friday, June 26, 2015

Financial Goals Update for June and Our July Goals

Our Port Royal
Our Goals for June:
  1. Pay all of our June bills DONE
  2. Pay off old debt (they raised the amount to 1,250) and Visa (400) PAID OFF THE VISA. Close accounts
  3. Pay off the IRS (1,100)  PAID
  4. Save at least 500 dollars toward our closing costs DONE
We had a few hiccups this month. One my husband's car broke down (don't you just hate car problems) and we ended up dipping into our savings account (280 dollars) in order to fix it.

So while this was not something that we really wanted to do, let me tell you how AMAZING it was to have that money already set aside and not have to stress about where we were going to come up with those funds!

The other issue we had this month was that when we went to pay off the old debt they had raised the amount from a little under 1,000 to almost 1,250. This was extremely irritating to me and because of some issues that we were having with the building permits (another post for another day) we decided not to pay the debt off this month and wait until July. We do have the money in savings to pay it, we just decided to wait.

Our July Goals:
  1. Pay all of our July bills
  2. Pay off old debt (1,250). Close Visa account that we paid off last month
  3. Fully fund our closing cost account (1,950) 
 These are some really big goals and so I'm not sure that we will be able to meet these goals but I am hoping that we can stretch ourselves and get these done!

If we are able to do this then we will be able to take all of the money we save in August and September and put it toward a new refrigerator, mini-blinds, ceiling fans, and bedroom furniture for our oldest son! You know the FUN stuff!

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