Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Family Meal Times

Our meal times are pretty special around here. Not so much because of the food (even though I do try my best to put good food on the table) but more because we are able to eat most of our meals as a family.

My husband is a United States Postal worker and that puts him home at breakfast, just about every day of the week.

We homeschool our children so that puts them and me home everyday for lunch.

And while on some days Dad does not get home in time to eat dinner with us. The kids and I eat dinner together every night and then we have our dessert all together while Dad eats his dinner and dessert.

The older our children have gotten the more enjoyable these family meals have become. They no longer (OK well most of the time) talk with food in their mouth. They no longer have to be told to sit up in their chairs, to stop playing with their food and eat it. We get to sit around and talk, find out about everyone's day, discuss the plans for the evening and the week, debate hot topics and learn to respect each others opinions (we are still working on that one, Mom and Dad included).

Our days are definitely based around the table! And I LOVE it!

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