Thursday, February 6, 2014

Year Round Homeschooling

In our homeschool, we school year round. We do not take a summer vacation. Instead we take many small breaks throughout the year. Such as the entire month of December off.

We do this for several reasons. One, we live in Orlando, Florida and summer is the worst time for us to take off of school. It's hot! It's crowded! And did I mention it's HOT! Second, I realized after our first "Summer Break" when our oldest was 6 that I had to do a lot of review in September before we could get back into the school year. I did not enjoy that and decided that those 2 short months of vacation were not worth going back over the last month or two of last year. So I decided that we would be "Year-Round" homeschoolers. And it has worked for us!

Through every season we have been in, it has worked! I love having the flexibility of extra days! I love that when my husband gets a rare day off of work the kids and I can take a day off school. I love that if my family or friends need me or one of my children we can forgo lessons and be a help. I love that we are able to drop the books in order to help out at the church. And I love that when I'm stressed out and need a break I don't have to worry if taking a few days off will cause our school year to run longer.

As the children have gotten older I have wondered if this "Year-Round" homeschooling was still a good idea. If I was cheating them out of summer breaks and then I realized, YEP, I am cheating them out of a summer vacation. And then I realized something else. I am OK with cheating them out of a summer break (YEP, I'm the meanest mom on the planet).

Now, let me explain why I am OK with not giving them a summer break. I am not raising children. I am raising adults. I am looking ahead at who I want my children to be and what I want them to become. And at no time in my adult life or my husband's adult life have we ever had a two month summer vacation (we have never a had a two month vacation at anytime of the year let alone summer - just encase you were wondering).

So for now at least, we are going to keep our "year-round" approach and continue to hit the books throughout the summer.

What about you?

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