Monday, February 17, 2014

Needs Vs. Wants

So we are having an issue at our house. I have noticed it more and more and it's really starting to annoy me! It's the NEEDS VS. WANTS problem and I'm determined to slay this mighty beast!

Now surprisingly enough I am not talking about THINGS! My children have a very firm grasp (due to the fact that we live on a pretty tight budget around here) on the things they NEED VS. the things they WANT. For instance my children know that while they may WANT hundred dollar shoes they do not NEED them. And no matter how much they WANT the latest video game they certainly do not NEED it.

The battle that has been raging at our house (probably for much longer than even I realize) is the battle between knowing what they WANT to do VS. what they NEED to do. For example, I told my daughter this morning to go and wash her hands and then to come and help me with breakfast. About 5 minutes later I looked around for her and she was still sitting on the coach playing her video game. I reminded her very firmly that she had been told to do something to which she replied, "But I NEEDED to finish this game so I could save it!"

I have noticed this happening more and more with my children over the past few weeks. I am hearing I NEED to do this or I HAVE to finish that. When clearly (at least to me) they do NOT NEED to finish the game, read the rest of the chapter, finish the movie, respond to that text, or finish the Facebook post. They WANT to do those things before they help me with meals, start their school lessons, clean their rooms, or do a chore.

So I have been quick to point out to them NEED VS. WANT in these instances. And then I did what I hate to do and starting looking for where this battle was coming from. From where did they pick up this BAD HABIT of confusing what they NEED to do with what they WANT to do. Of course, I didn't have to look very far or very hard for that answer. Just the bathroom mirror! How many times have I felt the NEED to finish reading a blog, or check an e-mail, phone a friend, or lay down for a few minutes instead of switching the laundry, starting dinner, washing the dishes, or (Heaven Forbid) spending a few minutes talking to my children.

I hate to tell you that in this house, I am the worst at confusing my time NEEDS VS. time WANTS! And my children have picked up my bad habit and now battle the same beast that I battle. I have no idea how to slay this beast but I do know that I had better figure it out (and quick). Because there is no way that I can equip my children for this battle if I'm not in the trenches fighting it right along with them!

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