Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Child the Plant

OK some of you are going to think I've lost my mind. And some of you are going to shake your head and say "Yep, I always knew she was crazy!" But maybe one of you will have an "Oh My Why Didn't I Think of That" moment and then I can have someone to be crazy with (for a change).

I am awful (and I mean really awful) about finding time to pray! Sure I can read my Bible and do my devotions but I have such a hard time going into my room, closing the door and praying. I know I don't have to do that (pray in my room with the door closed) and I'm working on praying other ways. Hence my new idea!

I have decided to buy a BIG BEAUTIFUL PLANT for each of my children. I wanted to buy a tree but since we rent I did not want to leave the trees behind when we move and I really don't see my husband out digging up trees and transporting them to a new house in a few years. So I settled on a plant! A BIG BEAUTIFUL PLANT!

Now, you are probably asking how in the world is a plant going to help my prayer life. Well, my plan is to have one plant for each of my children (maybe even one for my husband) and each time I water the plant or feed the plant or notice the plant I will pray for that child. It might not be a big long prayer but I am sure there will be days when it will be. Simple prayer or intercessory prayer, my prayer is that having these visual reminders around my house will allow me to focus on praying for my children in the midst of my busy day and perhaps will lead me into a deeper more involved prayer life!

I don't seem so crazy now do I? OK, yes I'm still crazy but I think this may be a good crazy!  

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