Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12 Goals for 2016

I have 12 MAJOR goals that I would like to achieve in 2016!

Finishing reading through the Bible.
I started this last year and as of today I have read 838 chapters and I am 70% through the Bible! I chose to read the Bible in Chronological order and I am loving it! 

Finish 12 DIY projects
I don't have all the project decided on but I know a few of them
  1. Paint the inside of the house
  2. Refinish the end tables in the living room 
  3. Make a wreath for the front door 
  4. Make a command center in my office
Focus on one habit a month (28 days to create a habit)
I wrote about my monthly habits that I am wanting to work on here!

Take at least one picture a day

Have a monthly date night with Micah

Take one child out each month for one-on-one time

One Fun Friday Trip with the children each month

Go to Ohio for at least one family vacation

Set up a weekly blogging plan and stick with it!

Start our debt snowball back up

Learn how to make fudge

Start teaching Delaney how to cook

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