Monday, December 14, 2015

Goals Update and New Goals for the Week of December 14

How in the world is the week over already? I don't understand how time goes by so quickly during Christmas. It seems as if I just posted my list of things to accomplish this week and now it's time for me to tell you how many of them I actually got done! It really does not seem fair!

I actually did not do to bad on my goals (of course I didn't do great either) this week. I got a lot of them started! I just didn't get very many of them finished!

So here is the breakdown and I promise that I will do better this week! 
  1. Get Christmas clothes for the kids and get Tyler a haircut!    DONE!
  2. Get the house decorated for Christmas! The house is about 90% decorated! But the really good news is that I purged an entire box of Christmas decorations and I am so excited about that!
  3. Make a menu for the week and get to the grocery stores! NO EATING OUT! Well, I made a menu and I went to the grocery stores and well, we ate out! I'm so ashamed! I will do better on this! I have to do better on this! Our budget needs me to do better on this!
  4. Get all the laundry done! I got all of the laundry done except I washed the Christmas linens and they are still in the clean clothes basket, I washed one last load of darks and they are still in the dryer and I did not get the cleaning rags washed or Delaney's sheets.
  5. Unpack at least one box a day! Unless you are going to count Christmas boxes (which I'm totally fine doing) I didn't even come close to accomplishing this. I unpacked 2 boxes all week! Pitiful!
  6. Start Christmas baking! Nope! Not one Christmas Goodie baked this whole week! I am going to be a baking fool this week! And if I'm not my husband and children may try and replace me with a new and improved model that does bake!
  7. Have my morning routine done everyday by 9:00 a.m. I really thought this was a reasonable goal but apparently I am just not ready to have a time put on this goal. I did manage to get all or almost all of my morning routine done everyday the problem seemed to be that sometimes it was afternoon before I finished it!
  8. Make Disney hotel reservations DONE!
  9. Start wrapping Christmas presents Well, I started! So that was all that I was supposed to do right!? I have about 10 presents wrapped 10/100 not bad!
  10. Finish up Christmas shopping for the kids and Micah! DONE! At least I think I'm done! I have been known to think I am done and then find something that someone simply cannot go another day without having and so I buy it! 
Okay so looking back over my goals I didn't really do to bad actually. I am a little disappointed in the eating out (but again I promise to do better this week) and I'm completely upset about my morning routine but I am pretty happy about the rest (well happy might be to strong a word)! 

So now for this week's goals, some of which will be carried over from last week. 

  1. Finish decorating the house for Christmas! 
  2. Make a menu for the week and go to the grocery store NO EATING OUT! And I mean it this week! 
  3. Finish up the laundry from last week and get all the laundry done this week!
  4. Unpack at least one box a day! 
  5. Start Christmas baking! I have so much to do! 
  6. Have my morning routine done by NOON! Yes, I changed the time from 9:00 a.m. to Noon! Don't judge me! 
  7. Finish wrapping Christmas presents. I might not be able to get them all done this week but I'm sure going to try! 
  8. Finish all Christmas shopping! Check my list and check it twice! Make sure I've bought for everyone (even the naughty and the nice)! 
  9. Map out my #Pinterest 365 challenges for January 
  10.  Order my ham for Christmas Eve and my prime rib for Christmas day! 

 So there is my list for this week! Not very exciting I know but I have to admit I'm kind of thrilled about number 9! 


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