Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disney Vacation - Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

Our first meal on the first day of our Disney Vacation was at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop. We had never eaten there before though we had been inside once just to see the decor and check out the menu.

We were all very excited about eating at this restaurant especially Andrew. He chose Beaches & Cream for one reason and one reason only THE KITCHEN SINK!

The decor in this restaurant is unbelievable. In true Disney fashion they went all out to make this look like an old fashioned ice cream parlor and of course in even truer Disney fashion they succeeded!

Sign above the door
 Don't you just love those little beach balls that are around the top of the sign! Adorable!

The doors into the restaurant
 We arrived early (of course) and they were not open yet. However because we did arrive early and were the first people to check in for the day we were given quite a welcome when we entered the restaurant!

The menu
 If you click on the picture of the menu it should open it up in another window and you should be able to read it (if you want).
I want these ceilings in my house!
 I seriously want these ceilings in my house! My office actually! I love the blue, I love the tray, I love the texture, I love everything about them!

 We have eaten at a lot of Disney restaurants and I have to tell you that this is one of the funnest decors we have seen. The colors are amazing and the details are delightful.

The mirrors
 The mirrors are great. They are etched and make the restaurant feel bigger than it is. I think it is one of the smallest Disney restaurants we have eaten at.

Ice cream cone lights!
 Seriously, does it get any cuter than this! Love!

The very best onion rings!
 These onion rings were the BOMB! They were so very good! I wish I had a plate of them right now. I would not share! And yes, they were as big as they look! They were $6.99 and worth every penny. We will be ordering these again even if we are not on the dining plan!

Beaches Patty Melt
 And this is what I ordered! A Beaches Patty Melt! It was so good! I wish that I could have finished the entire thing but sadly due to my over indulgence in the before mentioned onion rings and the looming dessert I knew was going to be delivered to the table I stopped myself after half and just a few fries.

A close up!
 According to the menu this is an Angus beef burger served with sauteed onions, Swiss cheese and Garlic-Peppercorn dressing (which I did not get because I was afraid it would be spicy- I just had them bring me a side of mayo) on Rye bread. And it was ssoo good! Seriously, I think if I went back today I would get the same thing (though my husbands Grilled Cheese was AMAZING too). My burger was $15.99 and really not a bad price for Disney food at a sit-down restaurant.

 And this is the reason that my middle son (the sugarholic) picked this restaurant over every other Disney restaurant. The Kitchen Sink! And yes that is the actual price $28.99! But let me tell you if you order this. The lights in the restaurant start flashing there is hollering and your name is announced for all to hear as they parade your sundae around the floor and deliver it to your table with quite a show!

The size is unbelievable!
 Just the sheer size of this sundae is enough to make your stomach hurt! But it is meant for 4 people to eat. Who those 4 people are that can eat this whole thing I do not know. Because they certainly were not us four!
Those little golden cakes in the sundae, they were the best part! Those and the cherries. Well, those and the cherries and the pineapple. Okay those and the cherries and the pineapple and the miniature candy bars. Well, maybe the Mandarin oranges were good too. 

Best Vacation EVER!
 FYI any Disney server will take your picture if you ask them too! You might not want evidence floating around of all the food you ate but still they do make nice memories! 

A whole jar of cherries and a whole can of whipped cream
 Just encase you have ever wondered what an entire jar of maraschino cherries and an entire can of whipped cream would look like on a sundae, here you go!

It really was good!
We didn't even come close to finishing it! I'm not sure that 4 normal people could, unless they had had nothing else to eat. It really was good but I don't think I would ever order it again (of course I would have never ordered it in the first place - that was all Andrew). And I don't think I would ever ever order it if we were not on the dining plan! I just don't think I could pay almost 30 dollars for ice cream!

However I will say that if you have a sweets loving kid (like my Andrew) it should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they should have! But I would probably skip the meal and just get this! Unless your on the dining plan and then get the meal and the appetizer and this! And eat what you can!

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