Wednesday, December 30, 2015

January Habit


As part of having a schedule and a routine that will actually work for our family I would like to use our meals as the anchors of our days. So we need to have consistent meal times (so that we can have a consistent schedule and routine).

My goal/plan/habit is:

Breakfast 7:30 Monday - Friday
Lunch: 12:30 Monday - Friday
Dinner 6:00 Monday - Friday

Now weekends are a little less structured and while I don't want to lose that feeling of relaxation I also don't want Monday to be a complete and total restart because everything fell apart on Saturday and Sunday. So on the weekends the plan will be

Breakfast within 30 minutes of the children waking up on Saturday
8:00 Sunday 
Lunch between 12:30 and 1:30 (depending on what time they have breakfast)
After church on Sunday. We usually eat out on Sunday so I don't really have much to do here other than pick where we are going.
Dinner between 6:00 and 7:00 Saturday (this is the one day that I will do my best to wait for Micah to be home from work for us to eat)
We don't really eat dinner on Sunday so I will just say that if anyone is going to eat they must eat before 7:00.

As I said earlier I am hoping that by having our meal times set we can use those times as a structure for our day.
Example: Morning Routine will be finished after breakfast, afternoon routine will be started after lunch, and before bed routine will be completed after dinner.
My goal/hope is that by having the framework for my day tied to our meals (with 3 kids those meals happen no matter what) that going from one task to another will happen more naturally. 

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