Friday, December 11, 2015

My 2016 Challenge!

 I had this wonderful little idea the other day when I was looking through some of my Pinterest boards. I filed it away and decided to think about it for a few days. I am actually still thinking about it but I have already decided to "take the plunge" and go for it!

I had this crazy idea to declare 2016 the Pinterest Year. And so I have challenged myself to do something (anything really) every single day in 2016 from one of my boards. I am so excited about this and really looking forward to it! I will of course be blogging (hopefully every day - except Sunday) about what I have tried. Failures and successes!

#Pinterest365 is what I will use to link up Facebook and Instagram with the blog. I am not really sure how to create a Facebook and Instagram page for the blog but I will be working on that and hopefully have it up and running by January 1st.

I know that some days (Sunday especially) will be quick and easy things. But I am hoping that this project will stretch me into new areas that I don't feel exactly gifted in (crafts and sewing). I will of course be trying all kinds of new recipes (the part I'm probably most excited about)! And I am even planning on having some giveaways!

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