Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bread, Egg, and Potato Breakfast

Bread, Egg, and Potato Breakfast
I made this for breakfast on Sunday morning and it was very good. It took a little bit of prep work (I baked the potatoes on Saturday night and kept them in the refrigerator over night) but it was totally worth the extra effort.

I do have some changes in mind for the next time I make this (I will usually follow a recipe exactly the first time I make it and then start tweaking it each additional time that I make it). But here is the recipe in it's (almost) original form:

Cut up baked potatoes

Bread, Egg and Potato Breakfast (original recipe) 

4 Baked Potatoes, cut into small bites (I did not peel the potatoes and I think they held up better in the pan because of that)
1/2 cup butter
3 pieces bread, torn into bite size pieces
6 eggs, lightly whisked together
salt and pepper to taste

Fried potatoes and bread

Melt butter in skillet and fry potatoes until lightly browned.

Add the bread and toss with the potatoes. If bread is not moist enough you may need an extra tablespoon of butter (I did not need this). Fry for several minutes.

Add salt and pepper to whisked eggs and then add eggs to potato mixture. Cook until eggs are done.

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