Friday, January 24, 2014

Meal Schedule


Breakfast at our house is a family meal! My husband is a mailman for the United States Postal Service and he does not leave the house until a little after eight in the morning. My children get up at seven and we have a breakfast all together. Nothing fancy (cause I am not a morning person) but in my humble opinion family breakfasts are less about the food and more about starting our day together.

Things to work on:
Cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast! I have a terrible habit of leaving the dishes until lunch (OK sometimes they get left until dinner).


This meal is just me and the kids (one of the many joys of homeschooling, lunch with my children). Hubby is at work (eating a lunch that I packed him) and so the children and I stop our school day at Noon and eat lunch together. Again, nothing fancy because it needs to be quick. The children have a half hour to eat and then a half hour of free time so we make lunch quick and simple.

Things to work on:
Cleaning up after lunch! I have a terrible habit of leaving the dishes until dinner. Do you see a pattern here!?


That is where it usually begins to fall apart! I am tired! It has been a very long day! The kitchen is a MESS (from the breakfast and lunch dishes that never got done). Hubby is working late (I'm thankful for the overtime but I procrastinate dinner and now I'm too tired to actually make it). And so I have hubby grab McDonald's on the way home. FAILURE! We still eat together but I hate that we have spent money we don't have, I hate that my children are not eating things that are healthy, I hate that I failed them again!

Things to work on:
Sticking to my menu and cooking dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT WITHOUT FAIL! Cleaning up the kitchen as I work and cook so that I will not be in there for an hour after dinner is over or not be in there at all and wake up to a dirty kitchen (not that that would ever happen).


  1. I think it is awesome that you all have breakfast together each morning!!

    1. Thank you! I do too! LOL Seriously, it one one of my favorite parts or our day. I keep it simple so that I can sit down and enjoy it WITH the family and I love that we all start our day together.