Monday, January 27, 2014

Why We Homeschool

My children have been homeschooled since birth.

They have never ridden on the big yellow bus. They have never eaten lunch in a school cafeteria. They have never had a bell dismiss them from one class to another. They have never gone to a school dance. They have never gone to a school sporting event or pep rally.

They have never been bullied. They have never been told that there was no time to go back over the problems and questions that they missed because there are 29 other students who are ready to move on to the next chapter. They have never had to raise their hand to go to the bathroom or to get a drink of water.

They have gone to school in their pajamas. They have taken the entire month of December off of school so they could celebrate Christmas. They have tried to cheat on a test and been caught (WOW we learned a lot that day).

We have cancelled lessons for the day and headed out the door to Walt Disney World simply because we could! We have put "normal" schoolwork on the back burner so that we could learn over 300 Bible verses and compete in state-wide Bible Quizzing tournaments. We have spent our family vacation at Homeschool Convention.

We have cried when long division did not make sense (even though we had gone over it 5 times in 5 days). And we have danced around the house and shouted with joy when long division finally made sense! Well, as much sense as long division makes.

We homeschool because NO ONE knows these precious, individual, masterpieces like their Daddy and I do. NO ONE cares about them more, loves them more, has invested more time, money, and energy into them as we have.

We homeschool because more than Latin, Algebra, Nouns and Verbs we want our children to know US and the GOD we serve.

We homeschool because we are called to do it! We believe in it!

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