Friday, September 4, 2015

A Blue Door and Our First Purchase (A New House Update)

The house looks beyond amazing!

They laid more sod (they ran out before they could finish though) so the yard is really starting to look great!

The trim guys came and finished up the trim. They installed the trim in the last few rooms and then sanded and painted all the trim in the house.

We were so excited to see the finishing touches being done on the house and then last night we decided to walk down one last time and as we approached the front door (just to see if it might possibly be unlocked) I saw the door and screamed! Scared Micah! I screamed because this is what I saw ...

My Blue Door
I LOVE my blue door! Blue and pink are my favorite colors (and since Micah was never going to go for a pink door) when I saw the blue door I knew I had to have it! And now I love it even more than when I picked it.

Almost done!
LOVE IT! You can see the small area in the front by the sidewalk that did not get sod (it's where the black fencing has not been removed) but other than that I think the outside is done.

We also made our first purchase for the home (kind of). Our finances are on complete LOCK-DOWN due to our mortgage. We cannot open new credit, we cannot use the credit we have, and we certainly cannot spend any of the cash we have saved. But we knew that Labor Day was our best chance of getting a good (or even a great) deal on a refrigerator. And since we did not buy a refrigerator through Ryan Homes we also knew we had to buy one as soon as we closed. So we headed to HH Gregg to check out their refrigerators and see how they could help us. We found a refrigerator that we loved (we decided not to go with the GE that matched our other appliances) and the store manager told us that we could put a small deposit down (100 dollars) and that would lock in the Labor Day sale price for us. We scheduled delivery for October 2, though we can change that if we need to (Praying that we don't have to). I am so excited that we bought our first thing for the new house and I LOVE the refrigerator that we picked.

My refrigerator
This is the refrigerator we picked. It's a Samsung French door refrigerator. I knew that I wanted a french door refrigerator because of the room inside and the ability to put larger items in the refrigerator since both doors open. It also has the door-in-door technology that I really wanted. And it has a temperature controlled drawer that can be adjusted from chill to soft freeze! I am very excited to get and start using my new refrigerator.

The painters are supposed to be back today for a final coat of paint and touch-ups. Then a cleaning crew is schedule to clean the entire house Tuesday. After that our PM will start going through and fixing and finishing up things. Cannot believe it's almost done!

27 days till closing (praying)


  1. Can I just say that I LOVE your new refrigerator. It looks like it has so much room and I love the color of it.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment! I will certainly be doing a review on the refrigerator once we have used it for awhile. I am praying that all those bells and whistles that we paid for are actually worth it :)