Saturday, September 19, 2015

The End of Week 12 (A New House Update)

Hurry Up October!

We are at the end of week 12 and I never thought this week would end. Week 13 will probably prove to be even longer and I am doubting my ability to make it!

Now that the house is done (other than the quality inspection, which I think is scheduled for Monday) there is absolutely nothing going on (that I have been able to see) and so there are no new pictures, no access to the house, and nothing to look forward to seeing!

Our PM did text me and let me know that our Occupancy Permit is ready to be picked up from the city! So that is great news!

We also got an e-mail from Ryan Homes confirming our Pre-settlement walk-through on September 29 so I guess that is official now and the date won't change (at least that is what I am praying). The letter also stated that our closing was scheduled for October 1 and that we should be hearing from NVR to set up the time and tell us what we will need to bring to closing. I'm not entirely convinced yet that this is going to be the final date (I know I need to have more faith).

I had Micah bring in all the boxes we have been collecting and all the bubble wrap I have been hoarding for almost a year now so that I could start packing up the house. But I just could not get motivated to do it. I guess a part of me is still afraid that something is going to change at the last minute and that our closing will be delayed. I am hoping that once I hear from NVR and have a set time I will be able to overcome this and get busy!

Maybe I'll bore you all with my packing adventures (for motivation) and that will help me get it done!

10 days till final walk-through (pretty sure this is now a for sure date)
12 days till closing (still not convinced this is going to be the date) 


  1. You will close on time in the name above all names, which is Christ Jesus.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Things are still a little rocky on the mortgage front but the house looks great!