Saturday, September 5, 2015

We Have a Mailbox! (A New House Update)

Since Micah is a letter carrier (AKA mailman) he was quite interested in when exactly our mailbox would be going in. So yesterday when I walked down to the house and it was there I immediately called him and let him know. And then I did what any good wife of a great postal employee would do ... I took pictures of our mailbox! At this point I do believe the people working on our house officially declared me "CRAZY"!

Our mailbox
Here is our mailbox! Everyone has the same mailbox (it's an HOA thing) but still it's a nice mailbox! And I LOVE IT!

Love it!
 We will eventually share this pole with the people who will live next door to us. The pole is at the end of our driveway (which means I get to decorate it right?) Can you see my house in the background? Which speaking of our someday neighbors, someone did buy the lot next door to us.

Technically the house is now COMPLETE! They are coming on Tuesday to clean (that will be my last day to get pictures) and then our PM will start going through the house and making sure everything is done and done right (he has been doing this all along but now is when he gets into the details).

26 days to close (Please Lord)

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