Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Beginning of Week 10 (A New House Update)

We are beginning week 10 on a high note and a low note.

The high note is we now have electricity at the house! Which means we have air conditioning! And lights! I was so very excited to see the outside lights on yesterday (I need to go down to the house at night and get a picture!).

They painters came yesterday and did some touch-ups on the inside and the outside of the house. Also more trim was delivered to the house (I guess they ran out before they finished).

Waterline for the refrigerator
These are the small details that Ryan homes adds that make me so happy that we chose them! The waterline for the refrigerator is actually built into the wall!

Delaney's shower
 Delaney's shower with the glass doors installed! I LOVE IT! I think it looks absolutely beautiful with the glass doors!

Master bathroom shower
 They also came and finished up the master bathroom shower doors too. And I LOVE THEM! Of course!

Master bedroom closet
 The closet guys were back and they installed the shelving in the master bedroom closet! I am so excited for all the shelves that were installed. I will have lots and lots of storage. This is the front wall of the closet by the door.

Master bedroom closet
 I have not decided which side of the closet will be mine and which will be Micah's (of course he may not get an entire side)! Just kidding he will get a side. ONE SIDE! This is the left side of the closet.

Another side of the master bedroom closet
 So many shelves! I am so excited! This is the right side of the closet.

Back wall
This is the back wall of the master bedroom closet.

My pantry light!
 Here is my pantry light! I LOVE IT! I am so thankful for a PM that listens to me and cares about my needs and wants. I think that your PM can make or break your build and I am so very thankful that we have an amazing PM!

Dining room light and columns
I took this picture standing in the hallway where my pantry is located looking out into the dining room.

We are supposed to get carpet today and I'm not sure what else is supposed to be done. I know we still need sod and palm trees too. And the rest of my appliances have not arrived yet either. But we have plenty of time!

And now the low note. We have had to delay our closing till October. And we still do not have a for sure date but we know that it will not be until October. First, while this is extremely disappointing to Micah and I as the house is going to be ready it is actually the very best thing for our family at this time. And we are forever grateful to Ryan Homes for allowing us to delay closing (something they do not have to do at all and also something they rarely do). Our landlords (for the house we currently rent) put us in an impossible situation. They asked us to make a decision by yesterday on whether or not we would be moving out on September 30 or if we would be staying for another month. No partial months, no week to week, no few days just to be safe. The full month of October or NOTHING!  No one at NVR or Ryan could guarantee us a closing date in September and so we asked to delay closing so we could have the peace of mind of having a secured place to live in October. We have been 2 weeks from being homeless before and the stress of that is just not something I want to go through again! There are a number of blessings that come with delaying our closing (and so we are forever grateful for Ryan homes in allowing us to do this). But there are drawbacks too. One is our home will be 100% finished and we will be not be moving in! And two our PM has worked so very hard to get us into this home ASAP and now I feel like we have let him down. It breaks my heart. But I know that God's hand has been in the building of this home from the beginning and I am going to trust that while His timing is not my timing it is ABSOLUTELY the best timing!


  1. Everything is beautiful. We know that Gods time is the right time. Be blessed.

    1. Thank you so much! Your comments are always so uplifting! I appreciate them very much.