Saturday, August 29, 2015

The End of Week 9 (A New House Update)

WOW we are at the end of week 9! I can not believe it. This is the final stretch with only a few major things left to do (still LOTS and LOTS of little things to do).

The house looks amazing and I can not believe that in less than a month (Lord willing) we are going to be calling this place HOME!

Some landscaping done
 They came late on Thursday night and put in some of our landscaping. We are still waiting on our Palm Trees (this is Florida after all and Palm Trees are a must). But they planted our bushes and laid down the mulch.

Our trees
 They did plant two trees in our backyard. I have no idea what kind they are so I am going to need to ask our PM. And since I do not have a green thumb AT ALL I'm also going to have to research how to take care of all these plants and shrubs and bushes.

More landscaping pictures
 This lone little plant over by the side of house looks so sad. I guess if they don't add anything over here I'm going to have to make a trip to Wal-Mart and buy it some friends! But the rest looks amazing! LOVE IT!
Just hope I don't kill it.

Almost done!
The outside of the house is almost done. Palm trees, sod, and paint touch-ups I think are all that is left to do. So exciting!

Boy's bathroom
They installed the mirrors in the kid's bathrooms the other day (I had forgotten to get pictures).

Door knobs
They came yesterday and installed the door knobs all through the house.

Biggest news of the day
The biggest thing to happen yesterday was Duke Energy came and took our electric meter off the pole (in the front yard) and moved it on to the house! Which means we now have electricity going to the house. It is not turned on yet (I think that will happen Monday) but it is there and ready to go! Bring on the air conditioning!

They also did a preliminary clean yesterday (just to get the house ready for paint and carpet). I think the paint is Monday and then the carpet on Tuesday. Once the carpet is laid my access to the house will be very limited but there really will not be that much going on anyway. I have been promised by my PM that I will be allowed in to take pictures of the BIG stuff!

On the financial front: I was at the IRS office yesterday morning at 8:05 (25 minutes before they opened) and I was number 213 in line! I had to wait outside in a line for almost an hour and then I went inside and waiting another 40 minutes! But I got the papers that the underwriter was wanting and I got them faxed over to them. Now we wait and see if there is anything else they are going to need!

The good news on the financial front is I called the USDA hotline yesterday and they are processing loans submitted from August 19 to August 28 (so technically they are up to date on loan applications) so maybe ours will not take two weeks to be approved!

27 days till closing (praying)


  1. Everything is coming along nicely. You all will close on time in Jesus name.

    1. Thank you so much for that word of Faith! I am believing right along with you that God has this and His Will will be done!