Friday, August 21, 2015

Best Day So Far! (A New House Update)

Today was the best day (as far as building the house goes)! The absolute, without-a-doubt, most amazing, can't even stand how good it is, happy dance doing, praise break, shouting day!

My kitchen cabinets were installed today and I LOVE THEM! I stood in the middle of my wonderful kitchen and cried! They are that beautiful and I LOVE them that much!

8:00 in the morning
 I was down at the house bright and early because I knew today was cabinet day and this is the day that I have been anticipating. Of course the guys where already there and working. No slackers working on our home that is for sure.

Tile floor
 Here is a picture of the tile floor all finished! They removed the cardboard from the kitchen area so they could install the cabinets and I was able to get a picture.

Master bathroom
 They had already put together the cabinets in the master bathroom and were getting ready to place them. And just encase you are wondering, YES, I LOVE these cabinets too!

Prepping for the driveway
While the cabinet guys were busy in the house another crew was outside the house prepping for the driveway and the walkway.

Around Noon
 I went back down to check the progress around Noon and was so excited by what I saw.

 The guys working on the driveway were making great progress too. I love my paver driveway and walkway. 

 When I went back down to the house around 3 in the afternoon the cabinet guys had finished and the kitchen looked beyond amazing! I was standing in the breakfast area when I took this picture. The door in the left back is my pantry and the door straight back is the laundry room.

From the family room
 A view of the kitchen from the family room. On the left is the arch that leads to the master bedroom (if you look very carefully you will see the master bathroom tub) and in the back is my pantry door. The bar top has not been installed yet (not sure why).

From the hallway
 The kitchen view from the hallway. You can see my island (which I had rotated) and the cabinet where my double oven will go. The empty space on the left is where the refrigerator will go.

By the pantry
 This is the view standing by the pantry looking out into the family room. I LOVE my island and I am so excited that they were able to turn it around for me! I wanted the cabinets and drawers to open toward the cook-top instead of toward the sink and our AMAZING PM made it happen for me! Now do you see why I bake for him. The empty space behind the island is where my dishwasher is going to go.

 This is the bank of cabinets where my cook-top will go. Not sure why they have not cut-out where it goes yet but I'm sure my PM is on top of it and it will be done soon. The space in the middle is where my microwave goes. You can see the pantry door and the laundry room door on the left and the hallway on the right.

My island
I have always always always wanted an island. And now I have one! It will have electricity in it too! I have not decided one hundred percent what I'm going to use it for (my stones and serving pieces or a baking center) but I know I'm so thankful that our PM turned it around for me. And I know that I LOVE it! Many batches of homemade noodles, pie crusts, and cinnamon rolls will be made on that island!

Master bathroom
 I LOVE the huge cabinet in the master bathroom (the granite counter is supposed to be installed today). I have not decided whose side is whose but you know all those drawers are mine!

Delaney's cabinet
This is the cabinet that is in Delaney's bathroom. Not a whole lot of storage space but since it is just her I think it will be fine and she does have a linen closet right outside her bathroom that we can use too. The boy's cabinet looks just like this! So I'm not going to post a picture. I am a little more worried about them having enough storage especially since I took their linen closet for my extra pantry. But since they are boys I'm thinking it may be okay.

Around 4 in the afternoon
The guys finished up the driveway and the walkway sometime between Noon and 4. Doesn't it look great! I love that our house sits up on a little hill!

 They did such a great job laying the pavers for the driveway and the walkway. I cannot wait to plant flowers and decorate the yard! I think they are coming Monday for irrigation!

Standing on the porch 
 I thought this picture gave a better idea of the slope the house sits on. Also I thought you might want to see the view from my front porch! There will be grass and bushes and plants there soon!

I know I kind of overloaded you all with pictures today but I was just so excited about the cabinets. The plan for today is counters in the bathrooms, a few tile fixes, and the dishwasher is being delivered. Also either today or Monday plumbing is coming back to do some more work, the HVAC guys are coming back to work on a few more things, and the irrigation crew is coming for sprinklers.

We are supposed to hear about our scores today too and then hopefully things will be back on track with financing and we can get a close date scheduled!

35 days to go (according to our schedule)


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    1. Thank you so much! We are so grateful that this will be our home and thank God daily for this enormous blessing in our lives.