Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lighting and Counter Tops (A New House Update)

Another good day down at the house!

The electrician was there installing light fixtures and switch plates. As far as I can tell he is not done yet. There is one switch plate that is still just exposed wires and he did not locate the light switch for my pantry yet (I also forgot to see if he installed the pantry light).

Also, the cabinet guys were back and installed my final counter top and also cut out the place for my stove top! HURRAY!

Outside lights
 I LOVE my outdoor lights! I think they are so pretty. Things are really start to come together and all the "little" details are starting to be added. So exciting!

Garage with lights
 Matching pretty light fixtures! I am a happy girl.

Smoke detectors and HVAC vents
 These are the tiny details that I have always just taken for granted. Of course the vents have covers, of course there are smoke detectors. But after looking at holes in your ceilings and walls for weeks and weeks you kind of notice when the holes are gone and "things" are there instead.

Hallway lights
 These are the light fixtures that are installed in the hallways around the house. Pretty! I know in this picture they look kind of gold/brass but they are silver. All of the lights, door handles, and faucets are silver.

Foyer light
 I LOVE my tray ceiling! I also LOVE the light in my tray ceiling!

Breakfast area
 Chandelier in the breakfast area. This is the area off the family room/kitchen where the sliding glass doors are located.

Master bathroom
 Fixtures over the sinks in the master bathroom. Still don't know which side is going to be mine.

Master bathroom sink and light
 Cannot wait for the mirrors to be installed so that the bathroom has a more finished look.

Kid's bathroom light fixtures
 These are the light fixtures in both Delaney's bathroom and the boy's bathroom. Sorry for the dark pictures the electric is not on at the house yet and the kid's bathrooms have no windows so the rooms are very dark.

Counter where the stove-top will be
 Final counter-top installed and the place for my stove-top was cut out too! The kitchen is really starting to come together and I simply cannot wait until the rest of the appliances are installed!

Outlet in the floor
This is the outlet in the floor of our family room. It is where we will plug in the Christmas tree! I get a HUGE smile on my face every time I say that because THIS Christmas we will be in our New House that by the way I LOVE!

The plan right now is for carpet to be put down Tuesday. I know the electrician has to come back, the trim crew is not finished yet, mirrors and shower doors have to be installed, the rest of the shelving still needs done, appliances will be delivered, sod needs to be laid, and landscaping will be done too. I think we are getting power sometime this week and I know they are planning on doing a quick clean before carpet is put down.

29 days from closing (maybe)

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