Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bathroom Counters, HVAC, and Finances (A New House Update)

First I want to start with the Great News about our financing! Our re-score came back and the numbers were good (really good) and so we do NOT need to buy a point and our house payment is NOT going up (well it went up about 8 dollars a month but that was because of the home owner's insurance we went with).

And now for the most amazing part. God's hand has been in the building of this home from the beginning. This house is a miracle on so many different levels. And I don't think that even we realize how much He has orchestrated on our behalf in the building of our home. But yesterday, once again, God showed himself in the process and showed himself MIGHTY! Not only do we not have to buy a point, and not only did our house payment not go up, BUT we are actually going to get money back at closing! MONEY BACK! We have been told since we signed the contract that we were going to need about 2,000 dollars at closing. And yesterday when we locked in our rate and they sent the final numbers over to us it showed that we were going to need $2,850 dollars at closing. But when I looked over the numbers I realized that they had only credited us with $2,000 in down payment money when we actually paid $2,500 and they did not have the $2,500 credit that our realtor was giving us from his commission. So once they corrected that $3,000 error! We will walk away at closing with a check for about 150 dollars! GOD IS GOOD!

They came yesterday and re-graded the land (this is the last time they will be doing that). They took down the black plastic fence that was around our house and did the entire property. We now have a huge pile of dirt in the backyard (forgot to get pictures) but the yard looks amazing!

Our dishwasher and water heater came late yesterday afternoon (no pictures because it was too dark in the house) but they were not installed.

The HVAC crew was there and installed the air handler, the air conditioner and MOST of the vent covers. Not sure why not all of them were done but I'm sure they will be back to install the rest.

And the granite guys were there too installing the counters in the bathrooms.

Air handler waiting to be installed
 They HVAC guys were there and installing the air handler and the air conditioner. Along with most of the vent covers.
Grading the land
 They graded the land for the final time. I think they are coming on Monday to install the irrigation system.

Front yard
 I think the yard looks great! I cannot wait to see it with grass and landscaping done. I forgot to get a picture of the backyard (it looks great too) and will try and remember to do that today!

Side yard and air conditioner
 The side yard looks great too and you can see our air conditioner there on the side of the house. I'm not sure when they will actually turn it on and start using it (or even if they can start using it yet).

Air handler
 Here is the air handler installed in it's little closet along with our thermostat (in the box).

Counter in boy's bathroom
 They installed the granite counters in the bathrooms. This is the boy's cabinet and counter in their bathroom. I'm not sure when the plumbers are coming to install the faucets and things (I thought they were coming yesterday).

Mater Bathroom
 I'm not sure if I have told you lately or not but I LOVE my house! And I LOVE this HUGE cabinet and counter that we have in the master bathroom. It's huge and I have lots of ideas in my head of how I'm going to decorate it.

I don't know if they will be working down at the house today or not. I know we have some tile issues that are supposed to be fixed and I thought that the plumbers were coming yesterday so maybe they will be there today. We also have a few small cabinet issues that I was hoping would be fixed before the start of next week too. Today will be a wait and see kind of day (since some Saturdays they work and some they don't).

 34 days to go (according to schedule)