Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Start of Week 7 (A New House Update)

We have started week 7! 

Which by my calculations means we are half-way to close! I cannot believe it! Things are really picking up down at the house. Today we actually have two work crews working at the same time. We have one crew putting the stucco up on the outside and one crew working on sanding the drywall inside the house.

Putting the stucco on the house
 I took this picture around 9 in the morning. The crew had obviously been there awhile already. They are putting the stucco on the house.

Putting the texture on the stucco
 I took this picture around Noon. They had put the stucco on the wall and were now going back and adding the texture to the stucco.

Best picture of the day
 I love this picture! It shows lots of people working on my house and that always makes me smile. The guy in the front is preparing the stucco, the guy on the ladder above the garage is working on the decorative trim, and the guy by the front door is applying the stucco to the porch. There are also two guys in the house (on stilts) sanding the drywall.

All the stucco done
 They had all the stucco on the house (except for the porch) by Noon! Those guys are hard workers!

End of the day
 Here is a picture from the end of the day. All the stucco is on, all the texture is done, and all the decorative trim is finished! They did a fantastic job and now I cannot wait to see it painted! And just encase you were wondering I LOVE my house!

The back of the house
 There is no decorative trim on the back of the house but I love it anyway!

Drywall hung, taped, sealed, and sanded
 And here is a picture of what will one day be my kitchen all drywalled, taped, sealed and sanded. Pretty isn't it?!

Family room
And here is the family room (my second favorite room in the house) all ready for the next stage of the building process which I believe is trim! And which I hope is going to be started today!

44 days left (if we stay on our current schedule)


  1. Beautiful... Soon you and your family will be enjoying your new home.

    1. Thank you Wendolyn! I cannot wait to move in and wake up everyday in our blessing!