Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Electrical, Trim, Shelving, Insulation and Sprinklers (A New House Update)

Yesterday was really busy down at the house. Lots of different trades working and getting things done (well half done). I don't think anybody actually finished up yesterday so I am assuming they will all be back today.

Insulation in the attic
 Sorry for the hazy picture the humidity was playing havoc on my camera lens. When I went down to the house at around 8:00 in the morning they were pumping the insulation into the attic.

Light switches
 The electrician was installing light switches. He did not finish (not sure why) so I am hoping that he will be back today.

 I noticed that the thermostat is now installed (not sure who did that: electrician or HVAC) so I'm hopeful that once the electrician finishes up we will have power to the house and maybe some air conditioning!

Boy's linen closet (my second pantry)
 The shelving guys were there yesterday too. They did not finish up either so I am hoping they will be back today to work some more. This is what is supposed to be the boy's linen closet. However, I have claimed it for my second pantry. The pantry in the kitchen is WAY TOO SMALL to be my only one and so while I had thought about using the coat closet (since this is Florida and we don't really wear coats) it is just to far away from the kitchen. So I have commandeered the linen closet outside the boy's bathroom.

Tyler's closet
They did get the shelves installed in the boy's closets and Delaney's closet.

Master bathroom
This is the linen closet in the master bathroom. One of the many things that I love about our house is all the storage. Other than the pantry in the kitchen the house has a ton of storage. And the pantry is probably plenty big enough for "Normal" people but when you are the type of person who buys 25 pounds of flour at a time "Normal" just won't do!

I didn't get any new pictures of the trim or any pictures of the irrigation system. I will try and remember to get a few pictures of those things today. I am hoping that sod will be coming here quickly and maybe even some landscaping! I am also hoping that the electrician comes back today along with the shelving guys and the trim guy (cause he didn't finish up either).

Hopefully 30 days from closing (not sure if this is realistic or not)

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