Friday, August 28, 2015

Financial Goals Update from August and Goals for September

There were a few changes to our goals from last month but I am going to start with our original goals and then update you to the changes that have been made and then I will post our new goals for September.

The reason we are saving
So here were our goals for August
  1. Pay all of our August bills  DONE
  2. Save as much money as we possibly can save toward moving (we have to hire a moving company for a few hours to help with some very large and very heavy pieces of furniture), a refrigerator (our new house does not come with a refrigerator), ceiling fans, mini-blinds, and Tyler new bedroom furniture. 
Our goal is to save $1500 dollars toward these things. And I have a personal goal of finding a Groupon for our movers and saving as much money as possible on that expense.

If you remember one of the goals that we had worked so hard for was saving $1950 toward our closing costs and we accomplished this goal in July (thank you Jesus). Well, when the mortgage company re-ran our credit and finalized the loan paperwork for final approval we ended up needing to dip into that money to pay down our only credit card and get the balance below a hundred dollars. So we had to take around 300 dollars from the money we had saved and pay that card down. We still had all of our closing money we just had less to put toward the items that we were going to need once we closed. But we were thankful that we had the money in our house fund and that we were able to do it with no problem.

Now for the amazing news! When the final numbers came back we owed NOTHING at closing! As a matter of fact (if nothing changes) we will actually leave closing with a check for about 150 dollars! HOW AWESOME IS OUR GOD!

So all the money that we had saved toward closing is now going to be able to be used for things for the house! So here are our new goals for September

  1. Pay all of our September bills 
  2. Save as much money as we can to put toward our new home. Refrigerator, mini-blinds, ceiling fans, Tyler's bedroom furniture and movers. 
The goal is to have 4500 dollars in the bank at closing plus another 2500 dollars borrowed from Micah's TSP account. This will give us 7,000 dollars! We currently have a little over 3,000 saved and we will be applying for the TSP loan on Monday.

We are so thankful that God has given us the ability to save this money and that he has stepped in in such mighty ways to reassure us that his hand is in the building of this home.

I just realized that the next Financial Goal update that I post should be after we have moved into the house! Oh my goodness that is exciting!

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