Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Texture on the Walls and our Trim Package has arrived! (A House Update)

I love when I walk down to the house and there are goodies waiting in the garage! It really feels like Christmas. So you can only imagine the JOY I felt yesterday when I walked down to the house and saw the garage filled with doors and tile and wood. I was so excited!

Our doors
 These are the doors for inside the house (the bedrooms and bathrooms). They have to be painted still but they are officially on site! And I love them!

Trim and tile
 This is the wood trim that goes around the floor (baseboards) and also I'm pretty sure that is tile in the boxes. The boxes were not opened and so I cannot be sure what is in them so I guess I will have to wait and see. The large round boxes are the columns for the dining room! One of my absolute favorites features of the house.

Folding doors and French door
 The folding doors are for our closets and my pantry. And that big door in the back! That's the French door for my office! I love my French door.

Decorative trim around windows
 I realized that I had talked about the decorative trim on the outside of the house but that I did not have any good pictures actually showing it. So I went down to the house and took a few close-ups so that you could see it. These windows are in my office. The decorative trim will be a painted a different color from the rest of the house. I love the colors we picked out for the house and cannot wait till it's painted.

More decorative trim
 This is the large window in the theater room and the windows next to the front door.

Texture on the walls
 They also came into the house today and put the texture on the walls and the ceilings. That was the last step (I think) before they start installing the trim package. They may have to paint first but I'm not sure. I guess I'll find out today when I go down to the house and see what they are working on.

Also, I think now that they have put the texture on the walls the garage door should be installed soon. That is a good and a bad thing as once the garage door is installed my access to the house may be very limited. Unless I can get the guys to let me sneak into the house and take pictures while they work.

43 days (according to current schedule).

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