Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Start of Week 9: Plumbing, Counters, and a Space-Age Water Heater (A New House Update)

We started week 9 yesterday and it was a very busy day down at the house. Lots of projects were worked on and some were even completed! I love it when things get finished (finished to where I can tell they are finished and not have to guess if they are done or not).

 The plumbers where there, the tile guys were back, and the cabinet crew was working too. The irrigation guys did not come (maybe because of the weather?). So hopefully they will be there today!

Water Heater
 This is our space-age water heater! Seriously this thing has more buttons and gadgets than my car!

 It is all digital and comes with a large instruction manual! I wonder if they would let me take it home now so that I can start reading it! I might just finish before we close.

Boy's bathroom
 The plumbers came and installed the toilets and the faucets! It is really starting to look like a home now! A fully functioning home!

Delaney's bathroom
 Here is Delaney's bathroom with all the fixtures installed and ready to go! You can see her soap dish installed in the shower too.

Kitchen sink
 They installed my kitchen sink too! I love a shiny new sink! My goal will be to keep it this shiny and new looking every day!

 They also installed my dishwasher yesterday! Let me tell you right now (in the Keeping It Real) I hate doing dishes! HATE, LOATHE, ABHOR, DISHES! And so I love this little appliance, more than I love chocolate. And I really love chocolate. But I love my dishwasher more.

Top of the dishwasher
 I love that the controls are on the top of the dishwasher so they are not seen when the door is closed! Again, look at all those buttons! I guess I need to get this instruction manual too so that I will know how to operate my dishwasher before moving in.
Inside of the dishwasher
 Love Love Love my dishwasher! Look how big it is inside!

Soaker tub in the master bathroom
 I love my faucet for the tub in the master bathroom!

Master bathroom counter
 And here is our master bathroom counter with the faucets installed! SO PRETTY!

Master bathroom shower
 The fixtures in the master bathroom shower and our soap dish too!

Shower seat
 I was not sure if I had posted a picture of it before but since I LOVE it so much I'm going to post a picture of it again! This is the little seat in our shower! I LOVE IT!

Kitchen bar installed
 The counter guys installed the bar in the kitchen. It is huge and I don't think I will have any trouble getting 5 bar stools around it.

Kitchen peninsula
The kitchen peninsula is one of my favorite features of the house. It's so large and will offer me so many options for ways to use it! As an eat-in-place in the kitchen, as a buffet for holidays and family gatherings, as an extra place to decorate for holidays and just a normal "homey" feeling.

I think that week 9 is off to a great start and I look forward to all that will be accomplished this week. The plan is for the carpet to be laid either the end of this week or next (and then my access to the house will be very limited). They are also supposed to come back and fix one of the kitchen counters (our PM is on top of that). The yard is supposed to irrigated and sod should be laid also.

31 days to closing (if we stay on our current schedule)


  1. Things are really coming together nicely. Congrats!!!

    1. Thank you so much! It is so exciting to walk down to the house everyday and see the progress.