Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pre-Drywall Meeting (A House Update)

We had our pre-drywall meeting on July 31. I am still in awe that we had our pre-construction meeting on July 1 and our pre-drywall meeting on July 31! Our PM told us that he does not think that has ever happened before!

Our PM also told us that our pre-settlement walk-through would be on September 23. Hopefully that means we could close on September 25. After the meeting I called our loan officer and she said we could try for that date but it would all depend on USDA. I have come to know that God is in control of this and so I know that we will close when he is ready for us to close. Our PM did say that he would be continuing to PUSH for an earlier date but that he does not want to compromise quality (THANK GOD) just to move us in earlier. And Micah and I appreciate that! So if the timeline does not change we will close in 8 weeks! We are beyond excited!

The walk-through was amazing and again I didn't get any pictures because I was so focused on what our PM was saying (I really have got to do better with that)!

2 things happened during the walk-through that made me so very HAPPY (other than simply having this amazing house).

One was our PM informed me that my kitchen island could be rotated 180 degrees so that the cabinet doors and drawers open toward the stove-top instead of toward the sink! I know that seems like such a small thing but to me that was HUGE! I want to keep my baking stones in the island and maybe my pots and pans (not sure on that one yet) and to have to walk around the island to pull out the stones was going to be a hassle so I asked about rotating the island and our PM true to his word called the cabinet guys and found out it would not be a problem! I have read a lot of negative things about Ryan Homes but knowing that the small details (that mean so much to me) matter to them too makes me know that they our determined to put together a great home for us!

And the second thing, the thing that actually made me cry, happened after our walk-through. A few days ago our Sales Rep took me through a finished Port Royal (so that I could measure for our refrigerator) and I noticed that there was no light for the pantry (there is no light anywhere near the pantry). The pantry is kind of in its own hallway between the kitchen and the dining room and there is no light! NONE! How no one has ever found this odd before is beyond me. I have fretted and worried over this discovery for 2 or 3 days now.

I know. I know. I have issues. Don't judge me!

Anyway, we mentioned it in our walk-through and asked if it was too late to have one put in (the last thing we want is to delay this build) and while our PM did not tell us no he said we were on a tight timeline and the decision would need to be made by Monday and that we would probably have to go UP THE LADDER to get approval. I decided that there was already enough stress on these guys with the deadline they were under that I was not going to add to their stress by coming in at the last minute with a change (especially one that appeared to be a pretty big deal). Micah assured me that we would put in a light after closing and I just decided that worse case scenario I would keep a flashlight in the pantry. And we moved on! I did make a few jokes about the no light situation (but I seriously was just kidding around). And we finished up our walk-through.

I had made some Chocolate Toffee Bars (AKA Christmas Crack - recipe coming soon) for our PM and asked him to stop by the house to pick it up (since it was like 100 degrees out and I didn't want to give him a pile of melted goo). When he stopped to pick up his goodies he told me that they were putting in a light in the pantry for me! WHAT!? And not just any light but a light with a glass globe WHAT?! and a switch outside the pantry door WHAT!? I managed to keep it together but I was totally overwhelmed. When I went in the house to tell Micah, I cried! I never expected that! Our PM (and Ryan Homes) have done so much for us already and I feel like this is just above and beyond! Every time I turn on that pantry light I will think of our PM and how much he has gone out of his way to make this house a HOME for us!

I know this post is already really long so on to the pictures!

Insulation and drywall
 We passed all of our inspections so the house is a go for drywall and insulation! This picture was taken just a few hours after our walk-through. I love how these guys don't mess around! They get in and get the job done!

Storage room in the garage
 So far this is Micah's favorite part of the house! It's a built in storage room in the garage.

My office
 Now that the insulation is in you can get a much better feel for the size of the rooms. This is my office (look at all that natural light) I LOVE IT!

Stacks of drywall everywhere
 There are 4 or 5 of these huge stacks of drywall all through the house. We have our insulation inspection on Monday and once we have passed that they will start hanging the drywall. Our PM said that usually takes about a week from start to finish so we are praying they can finish up by Friday!


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    1. AMEN! I love that we will actually live IN a testimony of his goodness and his miracle working power!