Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tile Finished and Cabinets Delivered (A House Update)

They finished all the tile yesterday. They finished the floor tile and the bathroom tile. And guess what? I LOVE IT! No, seriously I really LOVE it.

I knew of course that I was going to love the bathroom tile (it was our one and only splurge at the design center). But I did not think that I was going to love or even like the floor tile. We could not afford to upgrade to the tile that we wanted and so we had to go with the builders grade. Ever since we picked out that tile we have talked about how we are going to upgrade to hard wood floors. And when we went in the house the first day that they had laid it and it was not grouted or anything I almost cried. I didn't just not like it I HATED it. I mean really hated it. But yesterday when I went in the house and there was grout and it was sanded and sealed I LOVED it! It looks beautiful and I think it's going to with our colors better than the upgraded tile we wanted!

Driveway and walkway pavers
 The pavers for the driveway and walkway were delivered and are ready to go! I am hoping maybe they will be installed today!?

Tile Finished
 This was the floor tile at around 8 yesterday morning. It was laid and the grout was done but they had not sanded it or sealed it. But I was already starting to like it better.

Hallway facing the family room
 This is a better picture of the tile. This is still first thing in the morning so it was not finished yet but it gives you an idea of how much tile I am talking about when I say this house has A LOT of tile.

Lots of tile

I was standing in the family room facing the front door for this picture. You can see the dining room over on the left and the door that leads to the boy's rooms on the right. And straight ahead is the front door. Again the tile was not finished yet. 

The master bathroom
 This is the soaker tub in the master bathroom with the decorative tile installed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our decorative tile and I am so glad that we splurged on it.

Sidewalk and the end of the driveway
 They poured the concrete for the sidewalk and the end of the driveway yesterday. And you can see the pavers sitting in the back of the picture ready to be installed.
Another sidewalk view

 The guys did a great job with the sidewalk! I am certainly excited to see the landscaping started to come together. Sidewalk, driveway, walkways, and then grass!

Bottom of the driveway

 I think our PM called it the "Apron" but he could have been talking about something else! Looks good though no matter what it's actually called.

I love it!
 I fall more in love with my house everyday! The outside looks fantastic! I cannot wait to see it with the pavers and grass!
Master bathroom
 Here is the master bathroom with the decorative tile all finished (except for that one piece on the shower). And you can see in this picture why I do not have any pictures of the finished floor tile. They covered the floors with cardboard to protect them.

Another view
 Another view of the decorative tile (and a better picture of the one tile that is not installed). You can also see that the towel bars were installed! Things are coming along! if you look down at the bottom of the picture in the middle you will see our shower seat! I really need to get a better picture of this!

Delaney's shower
 Here is a picture of Delaney's shower. She does not have a tub just a stand-up shower. But we also had the decorative tile installed in her bathroom too.

The boy's shower/tub
 This is the boy's shower/tub combo. We also got the decorative tile in their bathroom.

Kitchen cabinets delivered
 Sorry about the poor quality of these pictures but the cabinets were delivered and put in the garage and there is no light in the garage so these pictures were taken just using the flash on my camera. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to see these boxes! My kitchen is by far my absolute favorite room in the house and I am beyond thrilled with all the storage I am going to have!

All those Goodies
 Those boxes make me giddy! All those beautiful cabinets! I am so excited. They are supposed to start installing them today! Not sure how long it will take for them to be installed but hopefully they will be done by the end of the week. I wish we were closing next week! The wait is getting harder and harder.

36 days to go (according to our schedule)!

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