Monday, August 3, 2015

The End of Week 5 (A House Update)

We have reached the end of week 5 and according to our PM we should be closed in 8 weeks! So we are not yet to the half-way mark but we are getting close.

This last week was all about getting the inside of the house ready for dry-wall and the guys did a fantastic job! They worked hard and we were able to have our pre-drywall meeting on Friday. Within just a few hours of our meeting a crew showed up and installed the insulation in the outside walls and the drywall was delivered to the house.

Monday we are supposed to have our insulation inspection and then they will begin putting up the drywall! So next week should be a very exciting week at the house!

Electrical all wired up!
 All the electrical in the house is wired up (except for my wonderful pantry light)! I think the electrical took the longest of all the trades followed closely by plumbing.

Insulation installed and drywall delivered
 Lots and lots and lots of drywall was delivered to the house! Here is the first stack that was put inside the garage.

More drywall
 Here is another stack of drywall that was left in the dining room!

Even more drywall
 Another stack of drywall in the master bedroom! I know it's a big house but WOW that's a lot of drywall!

More drywall
 Drywall in the family room!

Is that more drywall?
 And more drywall in the theater room!

The back of the house
 I realized the other day that I have not taken very many pictures of the back of the house. So here you go! The two windows on the left are in the master bedroom. The slider is off the breakfast nook and the three big windows are in the family room.

Our backyard
I LOVE our backyard (have I mentioned that before). I think it's going to be the perfect backyard for us. There is more than enough room for a pool (someday) and we still have grass left for maybe a fire pit and some chairs or a swing set someday (grandchildren?).

We are so excited to begin week 6! I am hoping that by the end of this week drywall will be done and also that we will have shingles on the roof!

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