Saturday, August 8, 2015

More Drywall Pictures (A House Update)

Not much got done at the house yesterday. There was a worker there in the morning finishing up the outside trim (so they can add the stucco) but other than that I did not see anything else being done.

I am not sure if anyone will be down there today working or not. Some Saturdays they work and some they don't. I know our PM said drywall takes about a week so that means that it should be finished by Wednesday (but of course I'm hoping they can get it done faster).

I did go down the house yesterday (since no one was working) and took some more pictures of the inside.

Decorative trim
 Have I told you lately how much I love my house! Cause I really really love my house! Everyday I love it more than I did the day before. I am so thankful to God for blessing us beyond our wildest dreams!

Tray ceiling
 This is the tray ceiling that is in the foyer. This used to be an upgrade but they changed the floor plans (right before we began our build) and now it's a standard feature. And I love it!

Standing in the theater room
 I took this picture standing in the theater room looking across the foyer into my office. You can see the front door on the right and the arch leading into the hallway on the left. And a tiny glimpse of the tray ceiling at the top of the picture.

Standing in the office
 I was standing in the office looking into the theater room when I took this picture.

Standing in the hallway
 This is our dining room. I was standing in the hallway (that leads off the foyer). The door in the back leads into the hallway where my pantry is, an entrance to the laundry room, and an entrance into the kitchen. The arched door on the left leads into my kitchen.

Another picture of the dining room
 On the right you can see the arch that leads to the foyer and the hallway I was standing in for the first picture of the dining room. On the left you can see the arched door that leads into the kitchen. And at the top you can see my decorative ceiling around the dining room.

Decorative ceiling
 A better picture of the decorative ceiling around the dining room.

Looking into the boy's wing of the house
 Standing in the doorway of the dining room (the one in the hallway with my pantry) looking out into the dining room across the hallway and into the boy's wing of the house. The door in the very back is the boy's bathroom.

Family Room
 This is a picture of the family room and the doorway into Delaney's suite of rooms.

Breakfast area
I was standing in the family room looking into the breakfast area. You can see where my kitchen peninsula is going to be and the arched doorway on the right leads into the master bedroom suite.

The back of the house
I love our yard (or what will be our yard, once we actually have a yard). Plenty of room!

Master bedroom
I think this is a better picture of the master bedroom. I was standing in the hallway that leads into the suite of rooms.
Water closet
This is the water closet in the master bathroom.

Laundry room
Picture of the laundry room taken from inside the garage. On the other side of that half wall is my pantry and then you can see the sliding glass door on the left in the back that is in the breakfast area.

Storage space in the garage
Here is our storage space in the garage.

Delaney's room
And finally here is Delaney's room. The picture was taken from her hallway.

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