Friday, August 28, 2015

Columns and Mirrors and Glass Oh My (A New House Update)

Another great day down at the house. They are working on the details now and that is very exciting but also very slow (or so it seems)! I know the little stuff has to be done and I know that it takes time to do but I mean come on can't we just have a BIG party (like those painting parties people have) where everyone comes in and knocks out the work in like 2 days! I will make pizza and brownies!

 The electrician was back putting in the light switch for my pantry light!!! And the drywall guy was back touching up the drywall and finishing up my nook (outside the master bedroom). The closet guys were back and finished installing my shelves. A crew also came and installed the mirrors and the shower doors. And they also got the columns assembled and ready to be placed once the carpet is done.

Pantry shelving
 They finished up the shelving in the closets and the pantry. Except for a few shelves in the master closet which I am assuming they are waiting for the final painting to be done and then they will install those too.

Dining room light fixture
 This is the light fixture in the dining room (it matches the one in the breakfast area). You can see my pantry door in the background.

Mirror in the master bathroom
 Giant mirror in the master bathroom! I forgot to check and see if the mirrors were also installed in the kid's bathrooms (I will check that this morning). And a peek at the glass that was installed around the shower.

Glass for the master bathroom shower
 Since I don't think I have said it today I will go ahead and say it now I LOVE MY HOUSE!

My columns
Aren't they beautiful! I LOVE them! I have always (I'm talking since I was little) wanted columns in my house. And now I have them. They make me smile!

When Micah and I walked in the front door of the Port Royal and I saw those columns I knew I was going to love this house. When I saw the gourmet kitchen I knew I wanted this house. And when we saw that it was 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms we knew we needed this house. God has blessed us beyond the telling by allowing this home to be ours and we are forever grateful to him and to the amazing crew that is building it.

I am not sure exactly what is going on today. I know they are supposed to clean before the carpet is laid (which is supposed to be Tuesday). I know the landscaping and sod still need to be done. I know they have touch-ups to both the inside and outside. But I think that other than carpet, another coat of paint, the rest of the appliances, the yard, and turning on the electricity all of the major stuff is done. I THINK! Of course I could be very very wrong! I guess we will wait and see.

In financial news I am headed to the IRS office today to get copies of our 2012 and 2013 tax transcripts. They don't fax those anymore or e-mail them and it takes 7 to 10 days to get them in the mail. So I am headed down there first thing this morning to get them so that I can fax them over to the mortgage company for the underwriter. And we will just leave it with that!

28 days till closing (hopefully)

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