Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Start of Week 8! (A New House Update)

Oh My Word! We have started week 8! I am so excited! We have 38 days to go (if we keep to the schedule we were given at our Pre-drywall meeting).

There was so much going on at the house today. Sidewalks, tile, and garage doors. It was quite an exciting day.

Working on the sidewalk
 When I went down to the house yesterday morning at around 9:00 the guys were already working outside and inside. The guys inside were preparing the house for tile and the guys outside were getting the sidewalk ready for inspection and pouring.

Sidewalk being framed
 They were framing out the sidewalk for inspection and the pouring of the concrete.

More goodies delivered
 Sorry for the blurry picture I had to use my zoom cause I was not going to get in the way of the sidewalk crew. These are the goodies that came to the house yesterday. It appears to be all the tile for the house and the tile supplies (spacers, grout, things like that).

Garage door installed
 They also came yesterday and installed our garage door! I love the colors of our house (the front door will be changed out for the one we picked later). Also you can see that they finished framing out the sidewalk and the end of the driveway. So we should have our inspection today and then hopefully the sidewalk and the end of the driveway will be poured sometime this week.

 They also started laying the tile in the house. It was just laid and the spacers were put in so no grout or anything was done and they did not get the entire house finished. Our house has a TON of tile! I'm not sure how long it will actually take them to complete all the tile but hopefully by the end of the week. This is a picture of the breakfast area.

Tile in the front hallway
I was standing in the family room facing the front door. You can see the dining room (which will be carpet) on the left and the arch in the foyer straight ahead. Like I said this house has a LOT of tile!

Window sills
And here is a picture of the window sills I keep raving about. I LOVE them!

I know the tile guys will be back today to work on the tile. I know we are supposed to have an inspection on the sidewalk and the driveway today. I do not know if they will actually pour the sidewalk today or start on the driveway. I know the outside painters are supposed to be back sometime this week to finish painting the trim on the house and I know that cabinets are supposed to be delivered this week too. I also know it's going to be a great week at the house with lots of progress!

38 days to go (I know already said this but I'm going to say it again)!


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    1. Thanks! I think it looks fantastic! They are doing such a great job. I took the guys that were down there today some homemade cinnamon rolls to show them how appreciative we are of all their hard work.