Saturday, August 15, 2015

Inside Painted (A House Update)

Yesterday they painted the inside of the house. Just like with the outside I cannot tell if it is done or not. I do however now think that the outside is done because they did not work on it at all yesterday. But I could be wrong LOL!

Our PM said they would be done painting by Monday so I guess if I go down to the house today and they are not working then I will know that they are done!

Inside of the garage
 When I went down to the house in the morning the guys were already busy working painting the inside of the house. They painted the garage first. And it looks really good!

Another view of the garage
I am so glad that we went with the office and storage area instead of the 3 car garage. That storage area is going to be wonderful and I am so excited to have an office!

The master bedroom
 I am standing in the back of the master bedroom looking toward the door that leads out into the hallway (you can see my niche right outside the door on the right) and the door into the master bathroom. Also you see the door to the master closet all the way in the back! 

Delaney's room
 What a difference a little paint and trim can make! It is really starting to look like a house. Now all we need is some flooring!

Office windows
 I love these two big windows in my office. It's going to be wonderful to have so much natural light in this room. I also love the wooden window sills that are installed all through the house (that is a new feature they are offering now) and I LOVE them!

The back of the house
And here is the back of the house all painted. I do not know if they will be working down at the house today. Some Saturdays they work and some they do not. I know that next week we are supposed to have flooring going in and the cabinets are supposed to be delivered on Wednesday (I have to text our PM and remind him about rotating the island for me). I'm not sure when the rest of the trim will go in but I am assuming sometime after flooring but before cabinets.

41 days to go (according to our current schedule)

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