Monday, August 24, 2015

The End of Week 8 (A House Update)

We ended 8 weeks this weekend and to my disappointment they did not work on the house Saturday at all. I was so bummed.

But the dishwasher and the water heater were delivered and so I'm hoping that they will be installed this week (maybe even today)!

Here is how we started week 8

Outside of the house at Week 8
And here is how we ended week 8

The end of week 8
The trim was finished, the garage door was installed, the driveway and walkway were done, the sidewalk was poured, and the land was graded for the final time! I'm pretty sure the outside of the house is almost done! We need the irrigation system installed, the sod laid, the landscaping done, the paint touch-ups done, the outside lighting installed, and the front door replaced. Okay so maybe the outside is not anywhere near as done as I thought!

Beginning of week 8 
The inside of the house at the beginning of week 8.

The inside of the house at the end of week 8

End of week 8
Tile laid, cabinets installed, and dishwasher delivered (sorry no picture of the dishwasher -it's still in the box).

End of week 8
Bathroom tile done! Also towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders were installed.

End of week 8
Bathroom cabinets and granite counters installed!

The HVAC guys were also working this week putting in the units and placing the vent covers (which a few are missing). The hardware for closets were installed but no shelving has been added yet!

I know the plumbers are supposed to come this week and I know the irrigation system is supposed to be installed this week. I think they are coming to fix some tile issues (that our PM caught) this week also.

Last week was awesome and we are so excited to see what changes this week will bring. Our loan also goes back to underwriting today and so we should hear something on that this week too. And hopefully it will get turned over to USDA for their approval by the end of this week too.

32 days to go (according to our schedule)!

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