Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Dates and No News (A New House Update)

She loves her shower doors!

I know my blogging has been SSSLLLOOWWW! And I'm so very sorry about that (believe me this sitting and waiting and nothing happening is driving me insane)!

But I guess this is going to be one time that I would rather not have anything new to update. Our pre-settlement walk-through got moved. Our PM has training on Wednesday, September 23 (the original date of our walk-through) and so we have been moved to Tuesday, September 29.

On the mortgage front I have NO NEWS! I believe that our loan has made it to a USDA underwriter though because I had to fax more papers over to our loan processor yesterday. So that gave me hope that perhaps we really will have an answer by the end of the week! (PRAYING)

And we might be one step closer to having a final close date on the house. When the (very sweet) girl, Christy (I think), called me yesterday to change our pre-settlement date she asked me about a closing date. She does have to check on something for me (when our first house payment will be due) before we can make the date official. Well, tentatively official because you know we still need that pesky final approval from USDA! 

So here is our NEW countdown (subject to change minute by minute)
Pre-settlement walk-through: 13 days
Closing: 15 days 

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