Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Beginning of Week 13 (A New House Update)

My favorite picture of the inside of the house!

I just want to go on record as saying that NVR (our mortgage company) is going to be the death of me! Seriously, they are slowly killing me!

We are LESS THAN 2 weeks from closing and our loan is still in underwriting! And has been there (for the third time) since last Wednesday! I mean come on if they don't know by now if they are going to approve our loan I think there may be some bigger issues going on!

I am beyond frustrated and annoyed!

When my husband called yesterday, he was told that we were still in underwriting and that our loan should be approved by Friday. Monday at the latest! MONDAY of the week we are going to close! REALLY?

And that once it was approved they would send it over to the title company and they would get with us on the TIME AND WHAT TO BRING TO CLOSING! So we might not know the TIME or how much MONEY we are supposed to bring to closing until THREE days before closing! Or maybe EVEN LESS!


First of all have you ever, and I do mean ever, heard of having to be approved for the same mortgage from the same lender THREE times? THREE!

Second, have you ever heard, and again I do mean ever, being less than 10 days away from closing on a HOUSE and not having a time or knowing how much money or what you are supposed to bring to closing?

If I ran my life the way NVR runs their loans my children would have been taken away from me and my husband would have left me!

Okay rant over (for now). On the house front, the house looks amazing! Our PM has done a great job and we are so excited! They are finishing up the last minute touches and fixing a few things but other than that the house is done and ready for us!

We have our quality inspection on Friday and then we will have our final walk-through (pre-settlement meeting) on Tuesday! 1 WEEK FROM TODAY!

7 days till our pre-settlement meeting!
9 days until closing (or not)