Friday, September 25, 2015

Financial Goals Update from September and New Goals for October

It's all because of HIM!

Our September goals:
  1. Pay all of our September bills  DONE!
  2. Save as much money as we can to put toward our new home. Refrigerator, mini-blinds, ceiling fans, Tyler's bedroom furniture and movers. 
The goal is to have 4500 dollars in the bank at closing plus another 2500 dollars borrowed from Micah's TSP account. This will give us 7,000 dollars! We currently have a little over 3,000 saved and we will be applying for the TSP loan on Monday.

We fell a little short of our 7,000 dollar goal. Micah's car broke down (again) and cost us around 265 dollars to fix. We put a hundred dollars down on our refrigerator (to lock in the Labor Day sale price at H.H. Gregg) and Micah's TSP account took a hit when the stock market plummeted and so we were only able to borrow 2400 dollars (instead of the 2500 we had hoped). However despite all of these "little" hiccups we were able to save a little over 6,500 dollars toward the new house!

Our October goals:

  1. Pay all of our October bills 
  2. Rent U-Haul truck and hire movers
  3. Buy ceiling fans, refrigerator, Tyler bedroom furniture, and mini-blinds for new house. Our goal is of course to pay CASH for as much of this as possible but since these are MUST HAVE items we may have to utilize some credit in order to purchase all of this in one month! 
If we do have to use credit for any of the above purchases we will be paying them off as quickly as possible! And I am going to do my VERY BEST to not buy anything (other than the HAVE TO) until these items are paid off and we have saved up the cash.

We will be going back to our debt snowball in January. I know we should get back to it now but with the new house and Christmas we have decided to give ourselves a break (I mean we have been living like no one else for quite awhile now) and jump back on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon again at the first of the year.

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