Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Final Walk-Through and the Best House EVER (A New House Update)

We had our final walk-through yesterday we our PM.

OH MY GOODNESS the house is amazing! I cannot believe that we are going to get to live there and that it is actually going to be ours! God is GOOD!

And our PM is beyond amazing! Seriously, I thank God everyday that he is the one that built our home. I have a new nickname for him... I call him the Steely Eyed Missile Man (movie reference anyone)! He has done such a fantastic job on our home it is unbelievable.

There were a few tiny things that he saw on our walk-through that he is going to have addressed before our closing (ON THURSDAY!) and then he is going to have the house re-cleaned and the yard mowed for us on Thursday too. (What did I tell you - great guy)!

Family room and kitchen eat-in area
 It was raining when I took these pictures so please excuse how dark they are. I could have turned on the lights but well, I forgot! Sorry.

Here is our family room and the eat-in part of the kitchen. You can also see the breakfast bar on the right side.

Dining room and kitchen
 I was standing in the hallway that leads from the front door to the family room when I took this pictures. You can see the dining room on the right and the doorway that leads into the kitchen and the doorway on the left leads into the family room.

Dining room and kitchen
 Again, I was standing in the hallway that leads from the front door to the family room. I love this view because you can see all three pillars in the dining room and a sneak peek at my kitchen (which is still my favorite room in the house)!

Master bedroom
 I LOVE how big our master bedroom is. Without furniture and because of the angel of the room it is hard to get a good picture that shows just how big the room actually is. Hopefully I will be able to get a video of the house on Thursday or Friday and that will allow you to get a better idea.

 This is absolutely without a doubt 100% my most favorite view of our home! This is the view that makes me catch my breath, leaves me with a smile on my face, and makes my heart and mind repeat over and over again "Thank you Jesus!".

Dining room
The dining room (I think it's my second favorite room in the house)! I love my columns!

So that is it! Our final walk-through is complete and now the only thing left to do is close on the house! It has been a LONG, HARD road that we have traveled down to get to where we are but I am so thankful that we never ever walked it alone! And I will be forever grateful to our PM who took the burden and worry about the building of our home off our shoulders. I never once doubted that he would give us a good quality home!


1 day 7 hours 7 minutes and 45 seconds till closing!


  1. Beautiful home, Congrats and God Bless you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you again for all the prayers! We close today (Lord Willing) and so by tonight it will be OURS!