Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week 11 (A New House Update)

We are in week 11 and the house is almost DONE! I cannot believe it! And just encase you are wondering it looks beyond AMAZING and I LOVE IT!

The cleaners came on Tuesday (but they came very late) and cleaned the house and the garage. But because they came so late I was not able to get inside and get any pictures.

But my wonderful PM (HELLO PM) let me in yesterday to get some pictures. And now I'm pretty sure I'm locked out until our Pre-Settlement meeting in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS WITHOUT GOING IN MY HOUSE! I might not make it!

I did not get anywhere near as many pictures as I wanted because my camera ran out of batteries! But here are the pictures I did manage to get.

Front Living Room
 This is the front (or formal) living room. We are going to be turning this into a home theater room. I think Tyler is more excited about this room than he is his own bedroom.

My Office
 Here are the French doors in my office. I LOVE THEM! This checks off more boxes on "My Dream Home" checklist. I have always wanted an office and I have always wanted French doors in my house! CHECK AND CHECK!

Dining room
The dining room checks off another item on my checklist. The columns! I LOVE THEM!

Dining room
Another view of the dining room and my columns.

Family room, kitchen, and dining room
I love this picture! It shows the dining room (with columns), the hallway into the master suite (with my nook), the family room (with the bar), the kitchen (with my double ovens), and the breakfast room. LOVE MY HOUSE!

Master bathtub
And the last picture I took before my camera ran out of batteries was the master tub. I just love the decorative tile that we picked.

So now that the house is cleaned and all the sod has been laid (I will get a picture of that today) our PM can start going through the house and finding the things that need fixed. I also noticed while I was at the house yesterday that our screens had been installed but I forgot to check every window. They also came yesterday and finished up the front porch (text and paint).

Our loan is officially over at USDA for approval (we are hoping to hear something back from USDA by next Friday the 18th). Tuesday was a horrible day on the financial end (but it did get worked out - thanks to some wonderful people at Ryan Homes who have integrity and good hearts).

22 days till closing (I may lose my mind before then)


  1. God Bless you all and the best with closing!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am prepared for rough roads and turbulent seas between now and closing but we are trusting God to see us through. We know he has brought us this far and we know he will see us the rest of the way!
      And we believe that he has put people in our lives (people at Ryan Homes) who are good and honest, trustworthy men who are doing all they can to help our dream become a reality!