Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We Have Carpet and Palm Trees (A New House Update)

The carpet crew came yesterday and installed the carpet! It looks amazing and yes you guessed it I LOVE IT!

Boy's hallway
 Most of the carpet was covered up with plastic (to protect it while the crews are still working) but I did find a few places not covered up yet. One of them was the hallway by the boy's bedrooms and bathroom.

Master closet
 And here is the carpet in the master bedroom closet! I LOVE IT!

Palm Trees
They also delivered my palm trees (cause you know you can't live in Florida and not have palm trees)! We were in the dining room (of the house we rent) and saw the truck drive by. I told Tyler there goes our palm trees! And he asked "Are they all ours? Cause if they are we have a forest!" Just for the record TWO of them are ours.

Palm Trees Planted!
And here are our palm trees planted. They are still tied up (and have to stay that way for 30 days) so you can't really get the full effect yet. At first I was kind of disappointed because they were separated (most houses have the two trees together on one side) but when I stopped and really looked at them I LOVE THEM! I LOVE that they are on both sides of the house! I cannot wait to get our front door and sod! I think we have the best house in the neighborhood!

Things are really starting to look finished now! There are a lot of little things that still have to be done. A few pieces of trim, a light installed, a door fixed, and things like that but the only BIG things left (that I can tell) are the appliances and the sod!

On the financial front I got the call today that our loan has come out of underwriting and we are set to close. Now the loan has to be sent over to USDA for approval (that could take up to 2 weeks) and then we will get our final close date! We are praying for October 1

I have adjusted our countdown to October 1 so 29 days till closing (if everything works out)! 

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