Saturday, September 26, 2015

An Unexpected Phone Call and Peace (A New House Update)

We've Come Along Way!

Micah and I received a very unexpected phone call yesterday from upper management at NVR (our mortgage company). We never expected to hear from anyone at NVR and to be quite honest simply wanted the financial side of the home building process to be done and over with ASAP!

And while this phone call was completely out of the blue it was exactly what we needed! Not because it came with an apology for all that we have been through (though that was very nice to hear). Not because it came with a promise that our situation would be used as a teaching tool to better improve their communication and company practices (though that was wonderful news too). No, this phone call brought something into my life that I have not had in a very long time.

It brought PEACE!

Micah and I were assured that our mortgage was approved! We were told that other than signing some papers (hopefully on Monday) that everything was ready and in order for closing on Thursday. We were also assured that while final numbers were not complete (almost but not quite) we would not be needing any money at closing! This gentleman also assured me that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure the next few days went as smoothly as possible for our family.

By the end of that phone call I was able to take a deep breath. I felt my shoulders relax (hadn't even realized how tense I actually was) and I realized that a HUGE burden had been lifted. I was motivated to keep (okay, restart) packing up the house. I had stopped simply because I was doubting that our closing was really going to happen.

And the most unbelievable part of this phone call was this gentleman gave me his personal cell phone number so that I would have it just encase I needed information or if there was a problem! To me this speaks volumes. It lets me know that this is a man of his word, it reassures me that he is going to be there with us till the end, and it gives me peace in knowing that someone at NVR has our back and is looking out for us.

There is a gentleman at Ryan Homes who has been a guardian angel to us from the very beginning and I know without a shadow of doubt that he is the reason that we will close on our house Thursday. He has stepped in a number of times and saved the day for us! And I know that it was this man who got NVR management involved in our loan and brought us to the attention of the gentleman who called us yesterday. 

Micah and I are just one family in a sea of Ryan Home Families and there is nothing special about us and so to have these men taking time out of their days to help us is humbling.

I know that there are men of integrity and character out in the world and I am so thankful that 3 of them have been placed into our lives for such a time as this!

3 days till walk-through
5 days till closing (and I believe it now)

P.S. The third man is our PM another guardian angel who has built us (in our opinion) the best home ever! 


  1. I don't expect nothing less. You are a child of God. He said in his word, that he goes before us and make the crooked straight. God Bless you all and congrats.

    1. I believe with my entire heart that God sent these 3 men to our situation to help us! I do not know their faith or their walk but I know that over the past 6 months they have been part of a miracle! I pray for these men and ask God to bless them and their families because I certainly can never repay them for all that they have done for us.