Friday, September 11, 2015

The House Was Unlocked (SSSHHH Don't Tell) A New House Update

You already know I pretty much stalk my house. I walk down multiple times a day to see what's going on and sometimes just to look at it and thank God for it.

And if you have been following along you know the house is pretty much done and on "Total Lock-Down" even from me. Well, I noticed yesterday that there was a crew there working and they were taking in carpet (I have no idea why but they replaced the carpet in the master bedroom closet) through the back sliding door.

And so last night I decided that I had better go down and check that slider and make sure that those carpet guys locked up the house. And well, they hadn't. And so I figured that I need to help my PM out and go in the house and just make sure that everything was okay. You know cause I'm nice like that and I want to be helpful. And I figured while I was in there it wouldn't hurt to take a few pictures cause you know I was already in there and being nice and stuff. (And just encase my PM is reading this - I took off my shoes!)

My nook
 This is right outside the master bedroom (down a small hallway). I know that I have posted pictures of it before but now it's done and you can see that it has a light in it. Not sure what I will do with it but I will figure it out! Pinterest is probably a good place to start!

Master bedroom
 I was standing in the back corner (next to the window) in the master bedroom facing the door into the room so that you could see the little hallway (where the nook is - Can you see it?) and the master bathroom.

Master bedroom
 I was standing in the master bathroom doorway for this picture. I LOVE my two windows in the bedroom!

Master bathroom
 Standing in the master bedroom looking into the master bathroom. The window is not in the shower! Thank God! Just some weird reflecting thing going on.

Master bathroom
 I love this picture because you can see pretty much the entire bathroom, except for the linen closet (which is beside the far sink) and the water closet (which is the door next to the shower).

Water closet
 Not sure how I feel about a window in here but I guess there will be light!

Master closet
 I am not sure if I have posted a picture of this before or not so I am posting another one. These are the shelves in the master bedroom closet. I LOVE THEM!

Master bathroom linen closet
 One of the many things that I LOVE about my home is all the storage! 3 linen closets (one of which is going to be my extra pantry)!

Sod finished
 The landscapers came the other day (Wednesday I think) and finished laying the sod in the front yard. So I'm pretty sure that other than inspections the outside of the house is DONE! And I checked yesterday and all the screens were installed!

Kitchen peninsula
 I realized the other day when one of my friends on Facebook asked to see more pictures of my kitchen that I didn't have any pictures of the peninsula! HOW COULD THAT BE?! I LOVE my peninsula! So last night, while I was so nicely locking up the house for my PM I just happened to have my camera and I just happened to snap a picture or two! BTW this was the first time I had been in the house at night! Wanna know something..... I LOVE IT!

Master bathroom
Here is a master bathroom picture without the weird window thing going on. So that you can clearly see that we did not put a window in the shower!

 As I mentioned this was my first time being in the house at night and I was awed by how beautiful it actually was. The foyer light was on when I took this picture standing in the family room. Breathtaking!

21 days till closing (maybe)