Thursday, September 17, 2015

USDA Approval and Now We Wait Some More (A New House Update)

I see the light at the end!


I got the call yesterday afternoon that our loan received USDA approval! This is amazing news! And would not have been possible at all without God and some wonderful people at Ryan Homes who went above and beyond to make sure that our dream happened! Words will never be adequate enough to tell them how much they have blessed us and how eternally grateful we are to them! 

Now we go back to NVR (Ryan's Mortgage company) for final approval (again). I'm not sure how long this will take but I am hoping and praying that we might hear back by tomorrow or Monday (at the latest).

Ryan Homes did however go ahead and tentatively schedule our closing for OCTOBER 1! We are beyond thrilled with that date because it will give us the time that we need to get some things done at the house before moving in and also will give us plenty of time to move and clean the house we are currently living in!


And the other great news for the day was that the house passed all inspections and our PM is going down to the city to get our occupancy permit today!

 Pre-settlement meeting: 12 days! (I hope)
Closing: 14 days! (Praying)


  1. First of all, to God be the Glory for great things he has done!!! I read your blog everyday. When I read you blog, I always smile and pray for you and your family afterwards. I'm excited for you all and please keep posting after you all close. God Bless.

      I am honored and humbled that you would read my blog but I am even more honored and humbled that you would take time to pray for my family and I! That blessed my heart more than you could ever know.
      God has certainly blessed our family and I pray that we never forget just what a miracle our home is and how He provided time and time again.
      I will certainly continue to post once we close. I am actually going to try and post a video tour of the house!